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Our Services

From the HF Guard service department we make all our experience and know-how available to our clients to help them in their optimization projects for asset management, reliability, lubrication plans and lubricant stores.

Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software ACTIVE GUARD is used to control maintenance points. Control of supplies, control of tasks by QR, Monitoring of improvements, management routes and work orders, traceability of filtering points, etc.

Design in Lubricant Management

Design of fixed filtering equipment with online, automated ISO 4406 code measurement. Retrofitting of filtering facilities to meet international standards and technological improvements. Construction of lubrication trucks for mining and road equipment, with everything necessary for a correct lubrication of mobile equipment in the field. Design of lubricant warehouses. Management design according to international good practices.


In-plant or remote training on ISO 4406, filtering standards, lubrication plans and oil analysis, asset management, TPM, etcW